Soca river kayak or raft?

Soca river is perfect for both kayaking and rafting. Which one to choose? The choice is not simple, but you will find many options no matter what you decide. The best experience awaits the tourists that will discover the wide variety of options at the local tourist agencies. Especially Bovec, the popular center in the Soca valley, will have a lot of choice for all kinds of adventurers.

In Bovec rafting is the most popular choice. Almost every tourist agency in town offers various rafting tours, which is especially convenient for tourists. The whole experience is really smooth and enjoyable, as the professional guides take care of everything. That’s just one of the advantages in Bovec, rafting is really well developed and available to everyone. Another advantage in Bovec, rafting will take place in the idyllic ambient on the upper part of the river – the best place for both scenic rafting tours and white-water rafting down the rapids!

Soca river kayak is a popular alternative, especially among those that are not limited to just one town or a specific region. It is ideal for independent experiences, if you know what you’re doing, of course. Kayaking can be done along the entire length of the river, even though Soca river kayak is a popular choice in the Soca valley, where most of the tourists are gathering. Further downstream, there are some different options for kayaking which may also be attractive for some adventurers. In every case, kayaking is quite a different experience compared to rafting, not as sociable and exhilarating, but in some ways easily even more preferable.

In every case, you can expect a great experience. The local tourist agencies have an attractive offer for all kinds of visitors, you can get both all-inclusive services and transportation or equipment rental only.