Fun times on the Soca river

Rivers can be a great source of fun, but only if you find a river that provides good conditions for the fun activities you have in mind. Various adventurers will have some difficulty finding really good rivers, especially if you intend to do some rafting or kayaking. But that’s not a problem for those visiting the Soca river – kayaking and rafting both guarantee a great experience!

Fun times on the Soca river usually begin with rafting. Bovec is one of the towns that provide a wide offer of guided tours and experienced guides, so it may be the best choice for visitors. It’s also a great starting point, as it has different entry points in its vicinity. That’s why for rafting, Bovec can easily accommodate all kinds of adventurers. Everyone’s idea of fun is valid and the local tourist agencies will make sure everyone enjoys themselves completely. 

While for rafting, Bovec is probably the best starting point, the upper section around the town is just a small part of the Soca river. Kayaking is frequently done on other parts and offers a different experience, even though it’s still a fun and thrilling activity. In fact, there are also training and race courses for professional kayakers on the Soca river. Kayaking can provide a great experience for both experienced adventurers and beginners, so everyone will have fun. 

To really enjoy the visit, it’s a good idea to also explore the additional options on offer. There are other adventure sports and activities you can try, starting with hydrospeed trips or canyoning expeditions. If you can, take some extra time and make the best use of your free time – the Soca river has a lot to offer and will certainly make it worth your while.