The unique experiences in the Soca valley

The Soca valley is extremely appealing to anybody looking for adrenaline activities, water sports, or just an ordinary recreation in nature. Of course, there are many other areas that offer great conditions for outdoor activities, but in many cases, you need perfect setting, for example for canyoning. Bovec is situated in the heart of the Soca valley and provides the perfect starting point for all kinds of activities.

It’s no wonder the most popular town is, especially for rafting, Bovec. Soca is dynamic and attractive in this part, offering the best conditions for paddling downstream. Actually, it’s the only place to find some activities, for example the only option is for white-water rafting Bovec, Soca is too calm and wide in other parts. This means the unique experiences can really enhance the whole trip and make for some unforgettable memories. Not only with rafting, Bovec, Soca, and other factors are crucial for a great experience with all kinds of different activities on offer in this part of the country.

Another great example is canyoning, Bovec has several options on offer that differ in difficulty and duration. Canyoning depends a lot on the conditions and surroundings, as well as on the guidance and execution. That’s why there is a lot of work to do and the good tourist agencies are very appreciated. Luckily, the Soca valley has several great options for canyoning, Bovec is close to narrow canyons of the Soca’s tributaries, and the agencies in town offer great packages including transport. 

Both rafting and canyoning offer a unique perspective and an unforgettable experience. But there’s more to experience in the Soca valley, as well as many different perspectives still to discover – go hiking, for example, or paragliding to really see the beauty of the valley!