Rivers: A source of life

Rivers have always been a source of life for plants, animals and people around them. Ancient civilizations have always formed around big rivers, which enabled the people to survive. The constant access to a river ensured the abundance of drinking water, irrigation systems for crops and the ability to maintain an adequate level of hygiene. Rivers can also be a source of food. Not only are they full of fish and other aquatic creatures, but they also attract other animals who come to drink or escape the heat for a few moments. In addition to being one of the most important factors in the creation of new civilizations, rivers have often served as an orientation device. If you were lost in the forest, chances were you would find your way to the nearest village if you stumbled upon a river. 

Rivers nowEven today, all important cities have a river. We have not been taking care of our rivers, so most of them are severely polluted. Most cities use them to dispose of their waste, so the consequences are severe. Those who are not, however, are still an important part of the everyday life. If we take into account, for example, the river Soca (Slovenia), we can see that the river is still a great part of the local way of life. The river is home to some endangered species, it is a source of drinking water and a tourist attraction, with some typical activities such as Bovec white water rafting and canyoning Soca. Bovec white water rafting and canyoning Soca are some of the most popular water sports in the area, which give the area a lot of business from local as well as foreign tourism. In addition to Bovec white water rafting and canyoning Soca, visitors like to go fishing, take photographs and simply enjoy the rarity that is this crystal-clear river.