The offer of the Soča River

Why is the Soča River the perfect destination for travelers from all over the world? Well, the main argument has already been made thousands of years before, when the river decided on a shape of the valley and created the perfect environment for amazing natural sights. But now, we can enjoy not only the ambience, but also a wide variety of activities that can be done on the river.

Soca River kayak

Being one of the most popular activities on the Soca River, kayak is definitely the way to go if you want to explore the river on your own. Throughout the summer season, a myriad of kayakers can be seen on the emerald river – some are navigating the stream on their own, others in groups, some maybe even racing on set courses or trying to complete the challenges of a kayak school. The offer is definitely very well suited for all kinds of visitors. That’s what holds true for all activities on the Soca River, kayak is no exception.

Soča rafting

Don’t put all your interest into kayaking, there is an attractive alternative in rafting, which is actually even more popular with tourists on Soča. Rafting is frequently the first and sometimes the only activity that a visitor experiences around here – it’s simply a must-do even for time-conscious travelers. It offers an unforgettable experience for groups and families, with mini rafts offering a similar effect for couples and even individuals. Again, there is a wide selection of options that make sure everyone will find the best program for their wishes. Soča rafting is very well organized, not just with interesting programs, but with all-inclusive offer that begins in the comfort of tourist agencies’ lounges and includes free transport in both ways.